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New fireworks for 2024
New fireworks for 2024


04 Dec, 2023

Here in the UK we have a wide variety of fireworks available to buy in shops up and down the country, so we at Firework Kingdom are going to run you through the different options the help you choose your next display!

Not everybody knows what the different terms mean, and often don’t understand what will be safe for them to use in their back garden. So let's get started and simplify everything down to the basics.

Bonfire Celebration Selection Box available at Fireworks Kingdom


Also known as “Garden firework sets” or “Box sets”, these firework sets offer a full selection of fireworks perfect for back garden parties. In most cases these sets will include Rockets, Roman Candles, Fountains and a Catherine wheel.

A selection box is often the perfect choice for families with children and these are possibly the number one selling firework purchase. This is because most families can find the wide variety of fireworks sometimes overwhelming for choice, and often resort to a firework selection box for ease.

Prices start from around £9.99 and go as high as £139.99 each offering smaller or larger selections.

Our most popular firework selection box is the Bonfire Celebration by SkyCrafter fireworks, This 18 piece firework selection box is priced at £29.99, and is the perfect option for families with a small garden and offer the most value for money when it comes to a garden firework set.

Astro Blaster Rockets Available at Fireworks Kingdom


Rockets, where do I start with these…… Rocket fireworks have been around for a long time and are still a must for most firework parties.

Rocket fireworks are single burst firework that launches on a stick high into the sky and usually display some of the most wonderful effects that you can get from a firework.

Rockets come in a variety of different shapes and sizes but some of the most popular ones come in a pack of 5 and usually contain around 60gram of explosive content. These usually give the best effect; items such as the rockets pack Astro Blaster by Brothers Pyrotechnics. This package is perfect for most parties as they offer big effects and won't cost you the earth.

We also have the very large single rockets such as The King Reborn which is a massive 180 gram rocket which has the biggest affects you can legally buy in the UK and these start from £24.99 also.

Rockets are a fantastic addition to any firework selection if you love the suspensful moments as it produces an almighty whoosh before it explodes in the night sky.

Praise the Sky Fountain Available at Fireworks Kingdom


Fountains are often relatively low noise fireworks and are perfect for families looking for fireworks with low noises. Fountain fireworks usually offer ground level effects such as crackles and fizzes of colour to entertain your audience.

Fountains are brilliant for smaller gardens with an 8 meter safety distance. They come in some strange shapes and sizes and are often the go-to choice when creating novelty fireworks such as Ghostbuster by Brothers Pyrotechnics.

All in all fountains are the perfect addition for families looking to add a little glitz and glamour to their event.

Penny Farthing Catherine Wheel available at Fireworks Kingdom


Catherine Wheel fireworks are one of the oldest fireworks in the firework range. Catherine wheels date back to the 18th century and are still as popular now as they were back then.

Catherine wheels are a round powder filled pyrotechnic that is famously attached to a fence panel/post or even the garden shed. The fireworks then spins and creates a wheel of sparks that dazzles and entertains.

Catherine wheels usually come in a selection box but can also be found as individuals like the very good Razzmatazz wheel that we have in stock. Firework Wheels are generally becoming more and more difficult to get hold of in the UK as firework factories don’t want to manufacture them anymore.


Sparklers are the biggest selling item every year without fail. Children and adults alike have been writing their names into the darkness with these brilliant hand held fireworks for many years. When you think of Bonfire night you immediately think of sparklers and the wonderful smell of the burning aluminium as you wave around your sparkler. These smells are something that will stay with you along with the smell of the bonfire and wood burning.

Sparkler are something that will be around for many more years to come although we have seen some new designs such as the very popular “Glow wands” by Gemstone fireworks. These items offer a glow stick for the handle with the added sparkle of a sparkler. What makes these even more special is the fact that they don’t burn as hot as a sparkler and have a safe handle that doesn’t get warm also. Glow wands need to be something that you add to your shopping basket for this years firework order.

Hercules Barrage available at Fireworks Kingdom


Barrages/ Cakes or even repeaters are all nicknames for fireworks with multiple shots and effects. They are created with multiple shot tubes stuck together to make one firework that will have a timed fuse to make the firework perform in a specific sequence or pace. Barrages and cakes come in many different shapes and sizes with some firing in all different directions to add to their diversity.

Cakes in the UK have are limited to 1KG of explosive powder per unit which is quite a lot considering that in the USA they are limited to just 500Gram of NEQ.

Our biggest selling cakes are the following:

Hercules by brothers pyrotechnics – this incredible 107 shot firework is an award winning firework that when you watch until the end you will realise nothing comes close.

Fireworks Crazy Mini by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a 100 shot firework designed to be enjoyed by anyone looking to spend under £50. This firework really does live up to the name of being crazy.

There are so many more cakes that we could mention including some of our low noise fireworks however I know that time is precious.

Beat Thy Neighbour Available at Fireworks Kingdom


In 2017 Brothers Pyrotechnics pioneered the now incredibly popular compound fireworks. Compound fireworks are made up of 2 or more fireworks pre linked together to give the consumer a firework display to never forget.  Compounds have revolutionised fireworks and are the preferred choice for many firework enthusiasts. Compounds can be made with up to a maximum of 4KG of NEQ explosive which is the holy grail of maximum performance. Fireworks Kingdom have some incredible Compounds available such as the very popular:

Beat Thy Neighbour – a sensational 1.4G compound with a safety distance of just 8 meters making it a firm favourite for families with small gardens and limited space left and right. Beat thy neighbour is a straight firing firework and has 3 epic fireworks that come together to make a brilliant display for budgets under £150.

Infamous by Brothers Pyrotechnics has taken the firework industry by storm and has been proven to be a real hit with you the public. This compound is the ultimate firework if you are looking for a definitive finale. This sensational compound is a must for any firework display.


Roman Candles fireworks have been around since the very beginning and still are a popular firework type with many families opting for this old classic.

Roman candles come with different shot tubes sizes varying from 5mm up to 30mm for consumers to choose form. Then the next choice to make is how many shots you would like the roman candle to have with the most popular choices being 5 and 8 shots.

Fireworks Kingdom have a great selection of roman candles and these include a 1.3G version and a 1.4G version. Each type producing huge bursts!

Roman Candles are very big sellers for our Indian communities who celebrate Diwali.




Fireworks come in a range of different sizes and can be catered for every scenario. As a fireworks retailer it is our job to ensure you get the best fireworks for your money. Fireworks Kingdom listened to our customers and put together the best show based on:

  • Garden size?
  • Budget?
  • Noise level – Loud or low noise?
  • Colours?
  • Effects?

 If you need to speak to someone who really knows what they are talking about when it comes to fireworks. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.