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New fireworks for 2024
New fireworks for 2024


22 Aug, 2023

Fireworks Kingdom has been working very hard in bringing in some of the most exciting new low noise fireworks for 2023.

Since the lockdown of 2020, we have noticed a shift in spending habits with the everyday consumer preferring to buy more low noise pieces. Historically low noise fireworks played second fiddle to the more vibrant and louder fireworks on the market and still they do to some extent, however as the firework industry advances and better working methods are introduced we are seeing some exceptional new low noise fireworks that are beginning to compete with the more flamboyant fireworks. 

Low Noise Products Available at Fireworks Kingdom

ANGEL DUST – Angel Dust is a brilliant Low Noise firework that has been produced for the past 5 years and it never fails to impress.

ANGEL DUST XL – Angel Dust XL is one of two new fireworks that are part of the Angel Dust family. This particular range of fireworks is designed to be low noise but still offer a beautiful display. Brothers Pyrotechnics have truly mastered the “Mine” effect and they have really delivered again with this little showstopper. Angel dust XL has mine lifts to horsetail effect and has a 8 meter safety distance.

ANGEL DUST DELIGHT – Angel Dust Delight is a similar piece to the original Angel Dust but offers a fan effect that will blow you away.  The firework starts by firing left to right and then right to left at a steady pace before picking up pace to finish as a volley of mines.  Professionals have been using the original Angel dust to create this effect for years but we are pleased to say that Brothers Pyrotechnics have done a great job in creating this unique piece.

SPIDER – This is a new addition from Gemstone fireworks and offers beautiful coloured comets with a champagne fizz. This firework fans from left to right and will blow you away with its beauty. So if you are looking for something that is visually brilliant without the noise, this is the one for you.

SOLAR WIND – Evolution fireworks have produced a fantastic low noise firework that offers so many amazing different effects. The falling leaves are really spectacular. With a duration of over one minute, we think this is exceptional value for money and the perfect firework if you are looking to keep the noise down.


  • SNAP CRACKLE AND POP OUR PRICE £99.99. This fantastic selection will keep the whole family entertained well into the night. Snap crackle and pop has a little bit of everything from fountains to low noise barrages. This will be a very popular firework pack.
  • CHINESE WHISPER – OUR PRICE £149.99. Chinese whisper is quite simply breathtaking and packed full of unique fireworks that blow you away. We would recommend this pack to people who are looking for low noise and for pet lovers.
  • FEINT NOISE FINALE – OUR PRICE £199.99. This beautiful pack is perfect for those looking to entertain a generous crowd of people. There are some seriously impressive fireworks to light up the sky. With plenty of fizzing and coloured stars you will really impressed with this pack.
  • SILENT SHOWSTOPPEROUR PRICE £249.99. This majestic fireworks pack does exactly what the name’s a showstopper. This is a full on action packed low noise display not to be missed.
  • SILENT PROTAGONIST – OUR PRICE £249.99. WOW WOW this is just a brilliant pack of low noise fireworks that we think you cannot beat! This pack has everything you could possibly want for a low noise display.

Each year we get more and more low noise firework request and we are here to help assist you find the right fireworks for your specific needs. Always remember that silent/low noise fireworks always have a small element of noise and some offer noises like crackles but we guarantee they will not bang.

Fireworks are designed to entertain us and we believe we have the perfect range to do so.

If you require any further assistance choosing the right firework for you please do get in touch.