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New fireworks for 2024
New fireworks for 2024

Are you looking for the biggest fireworks for sale in the UK? You came to the right place!

19 Mar, 2019
Are you looking for the biggest fireworks for sale in the UK? You came to the right place!

Fireworks are all about blazing the skies and making some serious noise. There is hardly anything more spectacular than a night sky scorching in all colours imaginable while the sound of thunder makes your heart skip a beat.

That is why this is one of the most popular ways of celebrating big events. It is impossible to imagine any successful Christmas, New Year, Bonfire Night, wedding, or any other event without at least some fireworks.

Still, there are some issues related to the topic. Since fireworks are being made out of explosives, there have been some mishaps in the past, and this area is now heavily regulated in the UK. It is impossible to legally obtain anything that surpasses the standards in terms of explosive punch and strength. Of course, this definitely decreased the “wow” moment of the fireworks available on the market, but there are still some that can deliver quite a punch.

Still, the biggest fireworks for sale in the UK are not easy to come across. Big vendors and supermarkets usually deal only with the cheapest and the most commonly sold fireworks, and if you are looking for an extra quality, you simply need to look elsewhere.

We at the Fireworks Kingdom are more than happy to say that we do have the best of the best! Not only that you will be able to find anything you are looking for on our website, but you would also be able to find what no one else could possibly offer you.

Some of our compound cakes are so powerful and so spectacular that the hefty price tag on them is really acceptable if you are looking to buy THE biggest fireworks in the UK. What they deliver is at the very edge to what is allowed in the UK.


We will use the Zenith compound cake to illustrate what you can get with us. If you are looking for the biggest fireworks for sale in the UK, then this is the item you’ve been looking for. It is THE most powerful and the largest compound cake you will be able to find anyone in the entire UK.

This 1.3G fireworks packs near 4 kilos of NEC explosive and that is the borderline maximum allowed. Simply said, there is no bigger thing you could possibly buy anywhere in the country without breaking the law!

It comes with titanium casings which allow really loud bang in combination with the heavy explosive load. In simple words, the entire city will hear you once you release this beast onto the night skies. It will also bring a lot of spectacular visual effects and it all lasts no less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds. It is enough time to raise anyone’s attention and make them stop in their tracks and behold the mightiest fireworks they ever got the chance to see!

Of course, this means that this is by no means a cheap piece of fireworks. Still, given the fact that it brings something you can’t find anywhere else, the price tag on it is well justified. One thing is certain – you will never be sorry you’ve made this investment!

What is it good for?

This absolute beauty of a compound cake fits almost every occasion perfectly! Just imagine your Bonfire Night party where this is being used to humble and shame the entire neighborhood! No one can come even close to the spectacle you will be able to create using this super strong compound cake!

New Year eve will turn into something entirely spectacular when you use this beauty. It will allow you to dominate the skies and to make sure no other man or woman is still in confusion about whether the New Year has come or not.

It is also perfect for weddings. After all, starting a new family with a big bang and spectacle in the skies is something that can create a lot of funny moments. After all, even the universe was created through the big bang. So, why not start a new microcosm in the same way? It will be another moment that will remain in memory for all the years to come.

How to use it?

Zenith can be used as a single compound cake if you wish to make a short but utterly spectacular appearance, but it can be also used as a part of a larger setup. Just imagine what it would look like if you release a few regular compound cakes and then use this beast to create a grand finale! This is something that would definitely generate awe and amazement with all who get to see the entire show!

In any case, the way to use it depends solely on your agenda and your wishes. Just keep in mind that this is the biggest piece of fireworks you have ever seen and that it needs to be handled with all the safety measures. 4 kilos of explosives are no joke – a similar amount of it is used even in the anti-tank mines!

Where to buy it?

Currently, you can’t buy Zenith anywhere but using the Fireworks Kingdom. Thanks to our free delivery option on all orders larger than 250 quid, you can get it delivered to your door directly, no matter where in the UK you are.

If you are living in the area, then our brick and mortar store could be the right place to buy it, but if you are looking to spend less time shopping for fireworks, or you don’t live in the vicinity, our website is just the perfect solution. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can get this compound cake delivered to you. Since we are shipping countrywide, it is no problem at all to get it in the record time.

Of course, if you need complementary parts for larger firework displays, our website provides more than enough options to get everything you might need. Of course, our dedicated customer support team will be there to also answer all your questions and help you in any way you need.