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New fireworks for 2024
New fireworks for 2024

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Fireworks In Norwich

Are you looking to buy fireworks in Norwich? Choose Fireworks Kingdom as your supplier.

No matter what the occasion is, finding local, reliable fireworks for your event can be difficult. It could simply be a case of not knowing where to look, or that you’re not sure who you can trust to deliver. If you’re based in or around Norwich and you’re in need of a quality selection of fireworks for your next event, it’s good to know that there’s a reliable company locally that can cater for all your fireworks needs.

You can find the best fireworks in Norwich and Norfolk at Fireworks Kingdom. We provide an extensive selection of fireworks which are perfectly suited to any event, big or small. Where other suppliers sell cheap fireworks with questionable quality, we pride ourselves on only selling top of the range fireworks at a fair price. You can always trust that you’re getting the safest fireworks when shopping with us. 

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We don’t cut corners with our fireworks.

We know all companies like to think they are the best at what they do, so here’s why we know our Norwich fireworks are the best around:

The highest quality.

We take the quality of our fireworks seriously to ensure they’re the safest they can possibly be. We’ll never compromise your safety with stocking cheap and nasty products. Whenever you shop with Fireworks Kingdom, you can be guaranteed each firework has been made with care and complies with UK standards. 

A fair price.

Cheap fireworks are never a good thing. They can be a danger to life and lethal when lit or incorrectly stored. Our Norwich fireworks store has the perfect balance of quality products and fair pricing; you’re not only getting some of the best products around from a registered fireworks supplier, but you’re getting them at a great price too. 

Availability of products. 

Getting the best fireworks in Norwich can seem impossible. You may think you need to travel to a city or a far away outlet to get exactly what you need. However, it’s good to know that Fireworks Kingdom have an impressive selection of fireworks to suit any sized event and a range of budgets. If you’re local to Norfolk, you can visit our physical store to browse our range, or if you’re confident you know what you need, you can see each product on our website and purchase direct.

If you need some help choosing the best fireworks for your event, give us a call on 01302 731363. 

Accessibility of products.

In many areas of the UK, you’ll often find you’re travelling far and wide to get the fireworks you need. For people in and around Norwich, you can easily pay us a visit for quality fireworks on your doorstep. Even though we pride ourselves on Norwich fireworks, that doesn’t mean we leave everyone else out. People from across the UK can browse our extensive product range, wherever they’re located, and have our quality fireworks delivered to their door. 

Why choose Fireworks Kingdom?

Choosing us as a supplier for your fireworks in Norwich has its long list of benefits. Not only are we a reputable company stocking the best quality fireworks around, but we provide a professional service to give you confidence. 

We only stock the best.

We pride ourselves on stocking only the best, most spectacular fireworks on the market. Not only do we stock the old and proven classics that the whole family will love, but we also have a selection of new, more developed products to leave your guests speechless. 

We’re partnered with some quality brands.

At Fireworks Kingdom, we stock fireworks from the Brothers Fireworks and Sky Crafter Fireworks brands.  As well as this, we also stock fireworks that are custom-made for Fireworks Kingdom alone. These particular quality fireworks are exclusive and can’t be found at any other retailer. 

Fair prices.

We always provide a fair price to our customers, not only for our fireworks in Norwich, but throughout the UK. We don’t stock cheap fireworks that could be a danger - only quality products at a price that is affordable, suiting a wide range of budgets. No matter the size of your event, you’ll find your perfect selection of products in your specific price range. 

Experience in the industry.

We know our stuff where fireworks are concerned. From our years of experience, we’re able to not only provide quality information about the fireworks we sell, but we can also recommend the best fireworks for your event. Tell us where and who you’re catering for, and we can hand pick some of the most impactful fireworks for the space you have.

A variety of products.

Our extensive range of fireworks in Norwich are sure to spark up a conversation at your event. Whether you need smaller fountains and roman candles for your garden party, or are looking for something even more spectacular and on a much wider scale for your public event, then browse our website and product pages for your perfect match. We even stock sparklers, display kits and selection boxes to suit a variety of needs.

Choose our fireworks in Norwich for your next event. 

Finding the right fireworks that are not only safe, but fairly priced, can be a bit of a struggle. It can be difficult to find a reputable supplier that you can trust, and a selection of fireworks that are as safe as they are spectacular. To ensure you don’t have the hassle or worries of comparing a number of different stockists, we’ve made the job incredibly simple. 

Simply browse the firework products we have in stock to see which will be perfect for your next event and add your favourites to your basket. If you’re local, don’t forget you can always pop in and see us to get recommendations there and then. 

For more information about how we can help you find exactly what you need, feel free to give a member of the Fireworks Kingdom team a call on 01302 731363 or email us at We’re looking forward to helping your next event go with a bang!