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New fireworks for 2024
New fireworks for 2024

Liverpool Fireworks | Fireworks in Liverpool for Sale!

Liverpool Fireworks

Struggling to find the right fireworks in Liverpool for your next event? Look no further than Fireworks Kingdom.

Many of us search high and low to find quality fireworks. However, a lot of us simply want fireworks quickly and cheaply. If you opt for a cheap selection of fireworks, you’re compromising the safety of yourself, the people around you, and your event. It’s always better to focus your search on quality and reputability. If you’re looking for fireworks in Liverpool, Fireworks Kingdom have got you covered. We have a reputation for providing quality products at a fair price. 

We have an extensive range of different fireworks in stock. From huge, spectacular aerials to striking, colourful barrages, our Liverpool fireworks are sure to leave you in awe. To prevent yourself from purchasing fireworks from suppliers you can’t trust, you should always choose one who is compliant with UK fireworks standards. Fireworks Kingdom ensures each purchase you make is the right one, every time you shop with us. 

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Why choose Fireworks Kingdom as your Liverpool firework supplier?

We have a highly positive reputation for providing the people of Liverpool and beyond with fireworks they can trust. Here are some of the many reasons why more people are choosing Fireworks Kingdom today over other UK fireworks suppliers:

Award-winning, premium fireworks.

We supply a range of fireworks for sale from some highly reputable brands, including Brothers Fireworks and Sky Crafter Fireworks. These brands are trusted across the globe and provide exceptional displays, no matter the size of your event. We also have some exclusively made fireworks just for us, that you can’t purchase anywhere else! Explore our range to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Price match guarantee.

We’re confident that we provide great prices for the premium products we sell. However, if you find any of the fireworks in our collection from a different supplier for a better price, then we’ll do our best to match that price. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t go for the cheapest fireworks around - these may be unsafe and not made with the care and attention you’d expect. Always do your research before purchasing.

Large selection of quality products.

If you’re looking for fireworks in Liverpool, you’ll find our selection of fireworks impressive, even if we do say so ourselves! Or extensive range is sure to suit your every need. Whether you’re organising a big event and need numerous display kits, or you’re after a few family favourites to let off in your back garden at the weekend, you’ll find your perfect matches within our trusted collection.

Experienced staff.

It’s good to know that if you ever have any concerns, or you’re struggling to find the right products for your event, you have a knowledgeable team of staff at hand to answer any questions. From our years of experience in the fireworks industry, you can be confident that your needs will be met as we give you advice, guidance and recommendations.

Free delivery on large orders over £249.

If you’re ordering fireworks in Liverpool for a big event, we understand the cost for delivery can easily creep up when you least expect it. This is why we offer free delivery on every order worth over £249. What’s even better is that you can come to collect your products from us in store within 2 working days. Our aim is to provide you with a service that is convenient and hassle-free. Whatever works for you works for us!


For any help and guidance with your purchase, or if you need any personalised recommendations, give our team a call on 01302 731363.

What makes our Liverpool fireworks the best?

We’re proud of our firework selection and believe we can deliver, however big or small your needs are. Here’s how we know our products are the best around:

Safety first.

All our products are made with the care you’d expected from a firework product. If they’re properly stored and are lit and disposed of safely, then they’ll pose no threat to safety. We partner up with the best fireworks brands to ensure optimum safety, always. We’re entirely confident in our products.

Impressive collections.

Each firework in every collection we stock is sure to bring a little life to any party. With spectacular colours and impressive bangs, you can mix up your display and make it one for you and your audience to remember. You can choose a selection pack which includes a variety of fireworks that work well together, or you can mix and match to create your own personalised display. A member of our team will be happy to help if you are unsure.

Perfect for any occasion.

From New Year and Bonfire Night, to family and birthday celebrations, our fireworks are perfectly catered to any event. If you have something super special planned and you really want to make a statement with your display, get in touch with us and let our expert team recommend the fireworks that will really impress your audience.

For fireworks in Liverpool, choose Fireworks Kingdom.

We’re confident that we can provide some of the greatest fireworks Liverpool has ever seen! To see our selection yourself, you can pop into our store or choose the right fireworks for you online through our website. Simply search for your favourites and have your personalised collection delivered direct to your door, hassle-free. 

Our process is simple; browse our website, products and blog content to get a good feel for what you need. Add the products you want to your basket and choose the right delivery option for you. Your new fireworks will be delivered to your home within 7 working days, or 2 working days if you choose our express service.

For more information about our products, or if you need a little help picking out the best fireworks for your event, give a member of our team a call on 01302 731363 or email us at’d be more than happy to assist you to make your next event a success.