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New fireworks for 2024
New fireworks for 2024


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SILENT PROTAGONIST is a spectacular low noise/ silent fireworks package that we have put together so you dont have to go through the endless videos. This low noise firework pack has over 20 different mesmerising effects. If you are looking for a fireworks package that has no bangs then this is the one for you. Expect to hear the odd crackle and fizz but certainly no bangs.

  • SOLAR WIND - Solar wind has many different enchanting effects such as flying fish, crossettes , coloured comets plus many more. This has to be one of the biggest Low noise fireworks that we have to offer and will certainly entertain you and your guests.
  • SPIDER - Spider is a wonderful firework by Gemstone fireworks and offers stunning colourful comets mixed with champaigne fizz. 
  • ANGEL DUST DELIGHT - Angel Dust Delight is a beautiful fanned firework that has the most impressive gold mine effect. 
  • ANGEL DUST XL - Angel Dust XL is the big sister to the original Angel dust and offers some stunning mine lifts to horse tail effects. Watch the video to see this silent firework in all its glory.
  • ANGEL DUST - The award winning firework Angel dust has yet to be toppled. This stunning silent firework is a brilliant mine effect. This has to be one of our favurite low noise fireworks. 
  • LEAPING LIZARDS - This cheaky fountain will have you wanting more with its enchanting effects. 
  • LARGE GOLDEN SPARKLERS - You cant have fireworks without sparklers can you?

You can view all the fireworks in this pack with the playlist below: