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New fireworks for 2024
New fireworks for 2024


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Silent Showstopper has been put together for families with small/midsized gardens in mind but to still offer mind blowing effects. This huge fireworks bundle is packed full fountains and barrages alike. What are you waiting for? order now.

  • BONFIRE CELEBRATION - The perfect selection box packed with 18 unique fireworks each offering something different. This is the perfect way to start your firework celebration. 
  • ANGEL DUST - This award winning firework is a brilliant addition to this showstopping pack.
  • ANGEL DUST XL - A bigger version of the original with wonderfull low noise horsetail effects.
  • ANGEL DUST DELIGHT - one of the best low noise fireworks on the market, this firework gives you a display all by itself. Simply fantastic.
  • LAVA FAMILY - These amazing conic fountains are a brilliant addition to this brilliant family pack. Each cone offering a different effect, very entertaining.
  • 100 SNAPPY DAYS - This cheaky little firework is so entertaining and has lots of stunning pearly colours. A true family favourite.
  • 100 STINGING BEES - Another brilliant little fireworks with crackles and pops, another family favourite.
  • BONFIRE FANTASY - Bonfire Fantasy is a fantastic selection box packed full of those brilliant little fireworks that we have all enjoyed enjoyed growing up. This box will keep you entertained long into the night. 
  • LARGE GOLDEN SPARKLERS - What bonfire night is any good without sparklers?

You can view all the fireworks in this pack with the playlist below: