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New fireworks for 2024
New fireworks for 2024
2017th additions to our online fireworks shop!

2017th additions to our online fireworks shop!

Fireworks kingdom online fireworks shop always follows one simple rule – we are looking to provide new fireworks that will bring new sensations to our customers, as often as possible! Thanks to this approach, every now and then we will be presenting you some brand new options that have never been available before, and which are surpassing similar products in their own class.

Today, we are proud to present you no less than 5 new products:

• Maximus

• Crazy Town

• Relentless

• Kingdom of Hell

• Destroyer

These new additions are all amongst the loudest and most spectacular ones in their class, and each one of them will amaze and thrill everyone who gets the chance to see them at work!


Maximus is one of the definitely loudest fireworks in the UK and pretty much anywhere in the world! It has spectacular sequences that will make your heart skip a beat! Of course, being as such, it will inspire awe and amazement, and your party will get to a whole new level after this beast has been released into the skies. It is perfect for all sorts of celebrations and will make them just perfect! Once the spectators get the chance to see it in action, their mood will be elevated to a whole new level and that will breathe new life into the celebration! You can rest assured that the people who see it will be talking about it months after the party!

Crazy Town

If you are looking to get your party really noticed, then Crazy Town is the perfect tool to achieve it! This fireworks is something the entire town will have to notice, whether they like it or not! 100 shots it contains will provide a spectacle that is not only impossible to miss, but it also lasts long enough that even those who would miss it would simply be forced to notice it! If you are looking to make real mayhem and wreak havoc across the night sky – this is just the toy you wish to play with. Of course, a spectacle like this is impossible to forget fast, if ever!


The name of this fireworks says it all! It will relentlessly rip the skies apart and produce the spectacle that will last long enough so everybody will forget where they are and what they have been during before it started! The magical bursts of colours across the dark skies with the flashes of light in all colours imaginable! It will provide a spectacle that will be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of their age! If you are looking for the fireworks that will give you a feeling that you have invested your money properly – Relentless is the answer!

Kingdom of Hell

Have you ever wondered how would it actually look like if hell was ever to breach the gates of the night and start pouring down on earth? Well, this fireworks is the closest thing to a real deal! It has all the components necessary to create this impression, but even more importantly, it is sequenced in the way that will build up the tension prior to unleashing its power. It starts with slow bursts that only give a hint that something extraordinary will happen, and they split into the V shaped bursts that will give you the impression that the gates of hell have been breached and that the dark Lord himself is going to set foot on our lands! It is hard to imagine fireworks better suited for Halloween than Kingdom of Hell! It will give you the feeling that your money were spent in the best possible way!


If you are looking for raw power and absolutely spectacular bonfire night, then the Destroyer will provide you with all the thrills you crave for! It is an absolutely wild firework. It possesses raw untapped power that would be able to produce a true spectacle on its own, but some really mesmerising effects have been added to amplify the effectiveness as well! It comes with the spinning effects that channel that raw power in something extremely beautiful and loud! You will be more than thrilled with the way you spent your money if you buy this firework, and it is certain that your guests will be under the impression for quite some time after they see it at work. Destroyer is one of the best-selling fireworks we have, and there is a very good reason behind this fact. It simply does not leave a single soul indifferent!

With all these new additions to our online fireworks shop, we are able to provide something genuinely new to our customers across the UK! These fireworks are spectacular, loud, and most importantly – memorable. Investing in them is a great idea, as your parties will be given a new life after being exposed to these pieces of art!

You can buy all these fireworks online using our dedicated shop, and it can be delivered to you anywhere in the UK. The ordering process is simple and seamless, and you are free to combine pieces in any way you prefer. Of course, if you are wondering where to buy fireworks in Doncaster specifically – then we are the best solution out there. The fireworks we have for sale are simply the best and specially crafted to meet our high quality standards. So, if you are looking for fireworks in Doncaster or anywhere else in the UK, we are the right solution for you!

If you have any questions you would like to ask, feel free to contact us using the options we provide on our website. Our support team will be more than happy to answer all your queries in the fastest and most efficient manner possible!